March 11

Hear from Custom Rubber and Urethane Experts

Common Uses of Urethane Products

There are many common uses for urethane products, and they can be made into several different shapes, sizes, colors, and hardnesses. Here just a few of its many possible uses.

Urethane Rollers: Hourglass Rollers or V Rollers, Conveyor Belt Rollers, Pipe Conveyor Rollers, Sheave Rollers, Paper Mill Rollers & Etc... Rollers can be made of many different thicknesses, sizes, colors and hardness from shore 10A to 80D.

Pads: urethane forklift pads are steel shoes made to fit the customers’ forklift blades and are coated with a 3/4” thick durable castable urethane. They can be made in many different sizes & styles to fit the customers’ needs. 

Mark Tool can strip worn out polyurethane off of steel pads and recoat pads to new. This can be done many times over the years. Mark Tool’s forklift pads prevent damage to coated pipe or any painted material being lifted by forklifts. This can save you time and money on costly repairs.

For more information on the common uses of urethane products, check out the Mark Tool blog or contact us today!

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