February 28

Hear from Custom Rubber and Urethane Experts

Common Uses for Custom Molded Rubber

Custom molded rubber products are one of the most diverse products on the market. They can be used in a multitude of industries, from trucking and railroads, to jetliners, farm equipment, oil and gas, and countless others. These products are used in our everyday lives, and can be found in canning factories, garden hoses, hospitals, elevators, beverage containers, breweries, bowling alleys, and even drinking straws.

Tool Coating

While there are endless uses for custom molded rubber, one of its most effective uses is as a coating for existing tools. Rubber is extremely strong, and much less rigid than most other materials, making it ideal for showing less wear and enduring more stress.

Another reason why rubber is great for coating tools, is because it is very practical as a non-conductive insulating material and often used for wiring insulation. When materials other than rubber are used to craft things like tension pads and rollers, your revenue and production become compromised due to risk of leaking and/or breakage.

Major Lay Barge Operation

For several years, Mark Tool has supplied rubber tensioner pads to the major lay barge operation. Using rubber for tensioner pads allows for nearly any type and size to be manufactured, and Mark Tool keeps these in stock for immediate shipment.

Pipe-laying vessels use these tensioner pads to lay pipelines as deep as 9,100 feet below sea level. Because of this, strong, flexible material like custom molded rubber is critical to withstand the unbelievable water pressure that occurs at these depths. Without these vessels, offshore drilling and oil extraction wouldn’t be possible. Custom molded rubber helps lay piping with precision, protecting it from leaking or cracking amongst the pressure.

Custom Molded Rubber parts

Agricultural Machinery

In the agriculture industry, rubber weather stripping products can be very useful. Mark Tool & Rubber can custom-manufacture an effective weather strip that will not only protect your equipment, but create a leak-proof barrier against outside elements. Agricultural machinery is very susceptible to wear-and-tear, and custom molded rubber products can extend the life of your equipment, all the while protecting your property.

Heavy machinery also depends on rubber track systems for the mobility of things like tractors, cranes, and bulldozers. These track systems are used to evenly distribute the weight of the vehicle, decreasing pressure. This allows for a stronger base for the pushing, lifting, and pulling that these vehicles are made to do.

Custom molded rubber is flexible, versatile, innovative, long-lasting, and durable. Because of its many traits, it is extremely efficient for countless industries. Mark Tool can meet your unique needs by filling any custom order you submit, regardless of what type of rubber components you may need. Request a quote today!

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