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Mark Tool and Rubber is currently accepting articles and photos about splash zone protection, pipeline coatings, molded rubber, rubber rollers, cast urethane and anything else related to oil and gas, offshore wind farms, and related industries. Contact us hereThanks for reading!

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Frequently Asked Questions about SplashTRON®

When most people hear the word "SplashTRON®", they're usually unsure of what to expect. So, naturally, we get a lot of questions about what is SplashTRON®, and how is it used. We've put together a list of frequently asked questions we get about our splash-zone protection coating, SplashTRON®. Q: What is SplashTRON®? A: A yellow…

What is the Splash Zone and How to Protect It?

The "splash zone," the area immediately above and below the mean water level, has long been a major concern to both design and corrosion engineers of offshore installations. Oil platform riser splash zone coated with Mark Tool's SplashTRON® pipeline coating. Tides cause the water level to rise and fall, alternately wetting and drying exposed metal…

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