September 22

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The Best Kept Secret to Pipeline Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation is paramount in pipeline design. Without it, your pipelines won’t be protected against heat-induced stresses and strains, which can lead to costly damages in the near future. 

Since oil exploration has ventured out into the deeper, warmer waters of the Gulf, pipeline owners have been struggling to find a coating that will withstand the high-temperature, high-pressure environment.

At Mark Tool, we recognized this need and jumped into action, creating the best kept secret to pipeline thermal insulation: ThermoTRON®.

What is ThermoTRON®?

ThermoTRON® is a high-temperature insulation system designed for use in the splash zone protection of hull piping, risers, and subsea jumpers, with an internal operating temperature up to 350°F. It has shown remarkable performance when used in the deep waters of the Gulf.

The installation process

ThermoTRON® can be installed via 3 different methods: J-Lay, Reel-Lay, and S-Lay. It's a tri-layer coating that consists of a corrosion-resistant layer and an elastomeric insulation layer--both held together by a bonding agent layer. Each of these layers contributes to ThermoTRON®'s resiliency needed to withstand the pressure and temperature.

The benefits

ThermoTRON® is much more than just a thermal insulation system. Its benefits are endless, and include resistance to:

  • Corrosion, 
  • Seawater, 
  • Fungus,
  • Marine life,
  • Creep, 
  • Impact, 
  • Weathering, and
  • UV exposure.

Not to mention, it has a 30+ year life span. ThermoTRON® has been thoroughly tested for many years and is proven to withstand high and low pressures and temperatures, hot dry-aging, water uptake, wet thermal degradation, and more.

Mark Tool & Rubber Co, Inc. is the proud manufacturer behind ThermoTRON®. With over 60 years in the field, we’ve become one of the most trusted suppliers of protective coatings in the oil and gas industry. From rubber and urethane, to SplashTRON® and ThermoTRON®, we’ve got just what you need to keep your pipes lasting for years to come. Request a quote from Mark Tool today!

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