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Industrial Rollers: The Basics

Industrial custom molded rubber and polyurethane rollers from Mark Tool Co., Inc. have a wide variety of applications in the production of paper, steel, food, textiles, wood, and plastic. These rollers protect, squeeze, feed, insulate and move products, and there’s a…

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What Urethane Protection Delivers

For offshore applications and industrial use that calls for superior corrosion protection, long life, and resistance to impacts and abrasions, urethane (and polyurethane) coatings have a lot to offer. These include: Elastomeric memory: This means urethane products return to their…

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What Does SplashTRON® Cost?

SplashTRON® is a highly specialized coating used to insulate and protect risers, platforms, pipelines and other equipment in the splash zone. SplashTRON®—invented and manufactured solely by Mark Tool Co., Inc.—can also minimize and eliminate many of the common issues associated with…

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Meeting the Pipeline Challenge

American oil production is expected to peak in 2019. However, for oil pipeline operators, navigating the safety, and regulation landscape continues to pose significant challenges. Questionable regulation policies, corroding pipeline infrastructure, and difficulties locating existing underground pipelines are all factors…

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