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How to Protect the Splash Zone

In the offshore industry, preventing “splash zone” corrosion is a very important part of offshore safety. The reason this zone can be problematic to this industry is because as the tide rises and falls, it continuously wets and dries the…

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How to Know When to Use Urethane

A common misconception in the oil and gas industry is that rubber parts are cheaper than polyurethane parts. Urethane can actually be cheaper, particularly in situations where you need larger parts/quantities or several identical parts. The expensive part of casting…

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Using Rubber to Make Pipelines Safer

External corrosion to natural gas pipelines can be extremely dangerous. If not discovered in a timely manner, it can rupture and cause a fire. Thankfully, this can be prevented with the use of high quality products, like SplashTRON®, and proper…

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Common Uses for Custom Molded Rubber

Custom molded rubber products are one of the most diverse products on the market. They can be used in a multitude of industries, from trucking and railroads, to jetliners, farm equipment, oil and gas, and countless others. These products are…

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