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What Can ThermoTRON® be Used For?

Mark Tool’s new ThermoTRON® is a game-changing, high-temperature wet insulation that’s perfect for protecting the splash zone of hull piping and risers, as well as insulating subsea flow-lines. With its many uses and applications, ThermoTRON® will have a major impact…

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What is ThermoTRON®?

In the oil and gas field, we’re no strangers to a constantly evolving industry. Currently, we are able to drill farther out in the Gulf of Mexico, in waters that are hotter and deeper than ever before. However, with this…

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How to Know When to Use Urethane

A common misconception in the oil and gas industry is that rubber parts are cheaper than polyurethane parts. Urethane can actually be cheaper, particularly in situations where you need larger parts/quantities or several identical parts. The expensive part of casting…

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