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Using Rubber for Vibration Absorbers

Without rubber, driving a car, operating heavy machinery, and several other daily tasks would be impossible. And not just because tires wouldn’t exist. When operating any kind of industrial equipment, vibrations from the road and all the different moving parts…

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Industrial Rubber Uses

Rubber is so much more than just the material that your tires and gloves are made out of. Nearly every product you use in everyday life requires some form of it, and the following are just a few of the…

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How Rubber Extrusions are Used in the Military

One extremely important component of military products that often gets overlooked is rubber extrusion products. Defense systems require special, repeated components that meet extremely precise specifications and can be created during the extrusion process.  Understanding rubber extrusion In order to…

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How ThermoTRON® is Made

ThermoTRON®, Mark Tool & Rubber’s revolutionary thermal insulation system, is the ideal solution for all of your offshore protection needs. In order to best help you understand the benefits of this powerful coating, we decided to break down exactly how…

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