June 13

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Advantages to Using Custom Molded Rubber Products

From our alarm clocks to our cell phones to the vehicles we drive, and even the microwave that zaps our leftovers, rubber products surround us. Many of these, from rubber bands to vehicle tires, are mass-produced to fit a generic model.

"These products play a part in countless businesses and industries, from the packaging of food and beverages to the construction of buildings, manufacturing automobiles, conducting laboratory research – even providing patient care in hospitals depends in many ways on utilizing rubber products."

The Versatility and Value of Rubber Products

Because such a broad range of industries uses this material, thousands of specific and unique rubber parts and products are required in order to make machines or processes function.

Whether needed in the form of large rubber rollers for a factory conveyors or petroleum pipeline, or in the form of the tiniest rubber o ring for the smallest of pipes, a wide variety of industries regularly seek custom molded rubber products to fit individualized needs.

These industries – including oil and gas, medical, engineering, food, and transportation – seek high quality rubber products designed to meet safety and efficiency standards both onshore for land sites and in offshore or marine sites.

Not only are custom molded rubber products a necessity for thousands of businesses nationwide, rubber parts are often needed in specific quantities and on short notice in order to keep their business running efficiently and productively.

When a one size fits all rubber part is used for a machine that was created to fit the unique needs of a business, problems may occur due to an incorrect or inaccurate fit with the dimension or material.

Custom molded rubber is cast from molds designed to fit the specific design and engineering requirements and purpose of the rubber part or product. Because custom molded rubber products are made to order by dozens of industries for hundreds of uses, sizes, and formulations, there are literally an infinite amount of rubber products and parts that can be created and produced.

Mark Tool & Rubber produces high quality custom molded rubber products and regularly meets a multiplicity of needs for a broad range of clientele. Using both injection and compression molds, delicately balanced cycles of heat and processing time for curing are applied to each custom molded rubber product or part.

Always striving to innovate, our company utilizes multiple sites and not only produces traditional custom molded rubber but also casts urethane and polyurethane products as well.

Additionally, beyond the two casting methods of forming rubber, the extrusion process can be used to manufacture custom molded rubber piping and other products to lengthy specifications. By pushing the rubber through a die, lengths of up to 60 continuous feet can be manufactured.

As a leader in our field, Mark Tool & Rubber believes in the advantages of using custom molded rubber products. Rubber, urethane, and polyurethane products are the ideal material for making parts and components – and it is also highly effective when used as a coating on existing tools.

Rubber is very strong, while also being less rigid than many other materials. This means that rubber can withstand more stress and exhibit less wear than some other materials. In addition, rubber components can act as an effective non-conductive insulating material. To see more about the uses of custom molded rubber products and the advantages over metal products view our rubber information page.

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