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Advantages and Uses of Polyurethane Rollers

polyurethane rollers

Polyurethane rollers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with their own unique set of advantages. 

These endless advantages have made polyurethane the go-to material for production line rollers in various industries.

Industries that use polyurethane rollers

Many industries can benefit from the use of these rollers. This is because they’re made to automate repetitive movements along assembly lines and eliminate the need for manual handling.

If there's heavy lifting, pressing, or assembling needed in an industry, they will likely need urethane rollers. Take the following industries, for example:

  • Mining
  • Steel cutting
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly lines
  • Agriculture
  • Packaging
  • Food processing 
  • Banking
  • Printing 
  • Textiles 
  • Aviation
  • Construction
urethane rollers

Unique advantages of polyurethane

Polyurethane rollers are made of a synthetic polymer that is very durable and provides a smooth finish. This material is also resistant to abrasion, which makes it ideal for applications where a high degree of finish quality is required. 

Because of its resistance to abrasion, it also lasts longer than other materials like rubber, plastic, or steel. In fact, the average polyurethane roller can last for up to 4,000 hours before showing its age--4x longer than rubber rollers, which usually last for about 1,000 hours.

This durability and longevity allows for urethane rollers to increase your bottom line and profits, all the while decreasing downtime. Without the constant need for replacement parts, you'll also see an increase in productivity.

The FDA has also approved the use of urethane rollers in food processing. Unlike plastic and rubber rollers, polyurethane won't leave residue or marks on food.

Polyurethane is incredibly versatile and can be manufactured in durometers anywhere from 10A to 75D. It can also grip much better than materials like rubber or plastic, and is ideal for shifting and grabbing smooth materials like sanded wood or glass.

Finally, polyurethane is also easier and cheaper to manufacture than most other materials.

At Mark Tool & Rubber Co, Inc., we specialize in manufacturing custom urethane products including rollers, forklift pads, pipe spacers, towline protectors, pipeline supports, and more. We've been in business for over 50 years and have the experience and expertise to get the job done right. Contact us today to request a quote.

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