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The polyurethane division of Mark Tool & Rubber has more than 40 years of experience in this specialized industry – making us true leaders in the manufacturing of cast urethane products. Over the years we have manufactured countless cast urethane parts and products that are utilized in numerous industries worldwide.

From cast urethane rollers to pipe spacerscast urethane towline protectorspipe line supports and much more – we have the expertise, equipment and advanced technology to custom cast urethane parts in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. In addition, we have the capabilities and resources to handle even the largest projects efficiently and cost effectively.

Mark Tool & Rubber offers a comprehensive line of products ranging in hardness from Shore 10A to Shore 80D. In addition, we have the capabilities to cast parts as small as a few ounces or as large as several hundred pounds. We offer custom molded manufacturing solutions for both high and low volume production – and our polyurethane products are manufactured from high performance resins to ensure the highest quality.

At Mark Tool & Rubber we also pride ourselves on providing superior customer service and quick turnaround. We offer our customers expert assistance throughout every stage of projects, from tooling or design to the finished part.

Advantages of Cast Urethane

Rubber goods
Rubber goods

Polyurethane is an extremely versatile elastomer used in countless applications worldwide. Cast urethane products deliver many advantages over other elastomers and plastics – including greater strength, toughness, durability and versatility. In addition, the chemical properties of polyurethane components can be adjusted through chemistry – which creates many unique opportunities to solve problems with performance characteristics that are unmatched in any other material. Polyurethane components also provides better overall value than parts made with other materials, which can often crack, break, tear, swell, abrade and deteriorate. As a result, these inferior parts can cause damage to equipment, reduced production and lost revenue. At Mark Tool & Rubber we have the knowledge, expertise and chemistry capabilities to formulate polymers for virtually any application – resulting in superior parts and products that consistently outperform other materials.

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