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6 Ways Monarflex Scaffold Sheeting Keeps Construction Rolling

Most people know Mark Tool for our reputation in pipeline coatings and custom molded rubber splash zone protection.

But did you know we're also a proud distributor of Monarflex Scaffold Sheeting?

Scaffold sheeting encloses any scaffolding in an easy-to-install reinforcement scrim, protected by two layers of low density polyethylene (LDPE). If you need a quote for your project, get a quote today.

Here are six ways that installing Monarflex will help keep your construction projects rolling along smoothly.

1. Enhances Safety

Monarflex enhances safety on scaffold platforms by creating a barrier between the work environment and the outside space, and by providing an additional indicator of where the edges of the platform are. It also prevents winds and other weather events from creating unsafe conditions on platforms.

2. Protects Against Weather

The sheeting also serves as a shield against the elements, protecting the work space from wind, snow, hail, and rain. Yes, it helps protect workers, but it also makes for a more pleasant work environment while protecting your equipment and building.

3. Protects Deadlines

Scaffold sheeting ensures that unexpected winds and other forces of nature don’t add delays to your construction project. When you're protecting your equipment, you’re protecting your deadlines and your clients. Sheeting also saves workers time during smaller weather events like a light rain, when they may otherwise need to cover equipment or just generally be slowed by inclement weather.

4. Protects Surrounding Areas

Monarflex helps to protect pedestrians, neighboring buildings, vehicles, and other surroundings from problems like construction dust or even small drops from the scaffolding. That’s not just being a good neighbor, it may save you clean-up time toward the end of construction.

5. Durability 

We understand that great construction projects don't happen overnight. That’s why Monarflex has designed the sheeting to last. It’s ready to stand up to the elements and the rigors of construction. The scrims are made of a polyester yarn available in two thicknesses — 1100 and 1670 dtex. — and are made entirely of virgin materials to ensure the highest possible quality through and through. We wouldn’t say you should trust Monarflex if we didn’t trust it.

6. Flamesafe Option

Our scaffold sheeting comes in a Flamesafe version. Flamesafe sheeting is required when work sites use an open fire like in the renovation of historical monuments and buildings or when welding is taking place. The sheeting comes with a flame retardant additive, preventing the fire from spreading through self-extinction of the flames. The Super T Plus Flamesafe sheeting has passed fire tests BS5867 Part 2 and LPS 1215.

There’s no doubt that Monarflex scaffold sheeting can protect your work site, help avoid setbacks that cause you to miss deadlines and secure your bottom line. Give us a call to see if Monarflex scaffold sheeting makes sense for your upcoming construction project.

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