January 21

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6 Reasons Why SplashTRON® is Perfect for Offshore Projects

No matter what kind of offshore work you’re doing, SplashTRON® is a product of choice in splash zone protection for many of America’s biggest companies. Whether you’re looking for pipeline coatings, spools, or are struggling with bio-fouling, it’s a powerful ally.

Like Mark Tool’s polyurethane rollers, pipe spacers and other products, SplashTRON® is unimpeachably reliable, and ensures that your splash zone work areas stand the test of time so you can worry about more pressing issues.

Here are just six of the many reasons SplashTRON® is perfect for your offshore needs.

1. Withstands impact damage

Our coating is strong and it’ll withstand impact damage when used to protect platform structural members, including both legs and diagonal supports. It’ll stand up to incidental contact from water traffic and the wide variety of floating debris that could barrage your platform.

2. Durability

The coating is tough while maintaining critical flexibility. It can weather just about any storm you send its way. Erosive, abrasive seawater, ozone, and ultraviolet rays, the surprising and damaging effects of sea life – none of these pose a threat to your pipeline rollers or risers (flow liners) when they’re protected by SplashTRON®.

The coating is uniformly and permanently bonded to the metal, creating exceptional durability that can be counted on for the lifespan of your hardware. With options of 1/4", 1/2”, 3/4" and 1” thickness, it maintains its flexibility and won’t crack or lose its bond as your structures bends, expands or contracts with the changing weather.

3. Worry-free

With that kind of durability, you can go about your business worry free. There’s no need for routine maintenance with our coating. The coating is applied during fabrication and will protect against corrosion as long as you need. There are SplashTRON®-coated platforms that have been offshore for 35 years and are still going strong.

4. Insulation

SplashTRON® not only protects, but it insulates. With both thermal and electrical insulation properties, our coating protects the outside and inside lining of pipes. It can be used at temperatures from -45°F to 200°F.

5. Versatility

The elastomer coating can go just about anywhere, protecting anything from platforms to pipeline spacers, from the biggest project you’ve got, down to the smallest. Mark Tool has coated in offshore spaces for over three decades. To stick around that long, we’re listening to your needs and adapting.

6. Proven track record

Mark Tool has proved the coating’s effectiveness through years of having products in the Gulf of Mexico and other offshore areas where it is used by the leading producers of oil and gas.

Who's out there using SplashTRON® right now? Exxon, Shell, Texaco, Chevron, Conoco, Amoco, Union Oil, Mobil, Kerr-McGee, and Columbia Gas Transmission, to name just a few.

Mark Tool has you covered for splash zone protection, custom molded rubber, cast urethane, and anything else you can throw at us. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is equipped to handle every job, whatever the size. Get in touch to see what SplashTRON® can protect for you.

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