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5 Reasons Oil & Gas Producers Need ThermoTRON 350®

Mark Tool’s new ThermoTRON 350® is a state-of-the-art, high-temperature wet insulation great for use in splash zone protection of risers and hull piping, as well as the insulation of subsea flow-lines.

ThermoTRON® is constructed with three layers of protection, creating a tough coating for every operation’s most important splash zone steel piping.

With so many uses, there are loads of reasons that oil and gas producers would be smart to switch to ThermoTRON 350®. Here are our top five.

1. Insulation

With an internal temperature up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, the high-density elastomer layer can insulate anything you can throw at it. That layer tops the three-layer coating, which is vulcanized to the steel piping and will never slip or shift.

2. Corrosion protection

Not only does it provide unmatched insulation, but ThermoTRON® also features Mark Tool’s top-of-the-line corrosion protection as a base layer. That first layer is installed, followed by a steel grit blasting and a film that is resistant to chemical attacks and cathodic disbondment.

ThermoTRON 350® is guaranteed to extend the lifespan of coated materials in subsea pipes. It not only protects hardware, but provides peace-of-mind knowing that it’s going to protect pipes and structures for years to come.

3. Mark Tool’s experience

ThermoTRON 350® can be trusted because it comes with 60 years of experience built into its technology. Mark Tool has been protecting splash-zone hardware, from production risers to tie-backs and spools, for a very long time. This is yet another step in the evolution of products that continue to protect better than the competition.

The evolution of these pipe coatings is in part a result of listening to partners in order to better understand the needs of their installations. Mark Tool’s reputation isn’t built on promises, but results.

4. Impact and creep-resistant

ThermoTRON®’s three layers form an impact-resistant barrier between boats, debris, and other detritus that can cause impact damage to subsea or sea-adjacent installations.

The top layer is one inch thick — that can vary depending on service conditions — and it’s intended to provide thermal insulation, but is equally designed to provide systems with mechanical protection through impact resistance, as well as additional anticorrosive value.

The second layer adds some thickness, but is primarily a bonding layer between the initial layer of corrosion protection and the thicker ThermoTRON® layer.

5. Stands up to weather, fungi, marine life, and anything else Mother Nature throws at it

Additionally, the coating is designed to stand up to the unexpected and the unavoidable. Weather, fungus build-up, and the plethora of sea life that can corrode, dent, wear away at, eat through, and severely damage hull piping or production risers won’t get through ThermoTRON 350®. The design is ready to stand up to the most extreme and harsh environments that Mother Nature can throw at us.

ThermoTRON 350® is robust, durable, and flexible. It’s been through the gauntlet, and was tested for over two years in the Gulf of Mexico, passing each one with flying colors. It’s an instantly essential splash zone coating for gas and oil producers who care about the longevity of their hardware.

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