December 24

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10 Ways Polyurethane and Custom Molded Rubber Works for Oil and Gas

Mark Tool & Rubber is one of the few companies that combines a wealth of experience with the capability of manufacturing both custom molded polyurethane and rubber products. Why does that matter to you? Because these products are a perfect fit for the oil and gas industry. Here’s why:

1. Custom Coating

Custom molded polyurethane and rubber aren’t just great for fabrication, but can also provide a protective coating that extends the life the objects coated. Custom molding means we can work with almost anything you’ve got.

2. Flexibility

When a material other than rubber is used for objects like pipeline rollers or tension pads, they can give into the stress and wear of everyday usage. That stress can lead to breaks or leakage, and lead to lost production and lost revenue. The durability of custom molded rubber can save you money and time with its ability to endure more stress than materials like metallic casings.

3. Refurbishing, Not Replacing

Wear and tear is something that is just going to happen. You can save money and time by having worn tools, like pipeline rollers, refurbished with a new coating instead of being replaced. Mark Tool can put parts in our burn-off oven and have them recoated, making them good as new.

4. Versatility

One of the best parts about using polymers is that they can help with virtually any need you have. Seals, rigid and flexible pipes, chafing gear, pipe spacers, tanks and vessels… you can rely on polymers and molded rubber to get your job done well, and on time.

5. Innovation

From assessing problems to aligning with new regulations, innovation is happening with polymers in mind. With custom coating and custom casting, the material can adapt as quickly as we need it to.

6. Adaptability

As the industry’s needs change, versatile polyurethane and molded rubber are able to adapt to the needs of the industry quickly. New ways of working with polyurethane and molded rubber are developing, and the materials are adapting to changes with other products. It’s the closest thing we’ve seen to a magic bullet so far.

7. Longevity

There’s always an eye that should be looking toward safety and efficiency — both in terms of production and finances. Polyurethane and custom molded rubber are creating solutions here, too. The materials last a long time, and are able to protect hardware when they’re used as a coating.

8. Resistance

Polymers protect your work from chemical corrosion against many substances. It’s trusted in everything from drilling to hydraulic fracturing, protecting your investments and keeping your hardware safe.

9. Fighting the Elements

Polyurethane and molded rubber are able to withstand all types of weather conditions. They’re used in marine environments, drilling and fracing. Whatever kind of heat, pressure, or marine challenges you’ve got, polyurethane and molded rubber are up to the challenge.

10. Looking to the Future

Polyurethane and molded rubbers are the future of the industry, providing increased cost efficiency, safety, and innovation. The future is already coming -- when you use polyurethane and molded rubber, you’re making yourself ready for what’s next.

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